Following breakfast We start our day with Spice Bazaar (Egyptian Bazaar) ; This old bazaar will attract you with the mystical & enticing aromas of all kinds of herb and spice such as cinnamon, caraway, saffron, mint, thyme, etc. Rest of the tour will be on boat: It is a great chance to have an excursion along the waterway between two continents, Asia & Europe. Both sides of the waterway are lined with old wooden villas, fortresses and palaces. It is possible to see the magnificent Dolmabahçe Palace, Yıldız Palace and Çırağan Palace. Ortaköy, one of the most attractive and active places of Istanbul, which is a symbol of tolerance with a mosque, a church and a synagogue is worth to see. We finish our proggramme with Rumeli Fortress which was completed before the conquest of Istanbul in 1452 only in four months by Mehmet the conqueror to control and protect Bosphorus. It is one of the most beautiful works of military architecture in the World.